Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life Advice

Things I have learned...

1. Never get a tattoo in a foreign country.

2. Never eat (or drink) anything for money.

3. Never Google your diagnosis.

Let's take #3 for a minute, and pretend someone says something like, "Hey, did you know that it's possible for a brain to get so discombobulated during mental illness that it can suffer permanent damage?"

Uh huh. And if you keep making that face it's going to stick like that.

A few Google searches later, and, bingo. It's true. Prolonged states of depression can cause irreparable damage to the hippocampus.

One way to avoid the above condition is to... now it might sound like I'm making this up, but I promise I'm not... list 5 things you're grateful for every day. List-making prevents brain-damage. Boom.

Snuggly blankets- warm beverages- Benzonatate- my husband- my son.


Ali K. said...

An old student of mine has been emailing me lately, and she's dealing with depression. I suggested this same treatment to her. It really does work.

... said...


This treatment was suggested to me by a psychologist who knows my situation very well. I would highly (can I make that bold?) HIGHLY recommend that anyone who is on shaky emotional ground consult with a professional to get a better idea about what they're dealing with. It might be just a passing phase, but on the off-chance that something deeper is stirring, the counselor is the WAY to go.

End of lecture :D