Friday, February 7, 2014

Faces of Winter

Stephan is training for a spring marathon. So... that's happening. His long run this week was a 9 mile, but with his schedule being what it was, he ran it from 9pm-10:30pm (and without an accurate GPS, he ended up running 10 miles).

Yes, running shorts over windproof pants.
Sexy eyes. Er, if you ignore the ice.

I am training for... nothing really. Maybe a spring 1/2. But maybe not. I don't know. I should run something. Sigh. I AM still focused on running my 10 miles a week, which has been really hard considering the streets around here. Wednesday's planned run got shelved for an hour of shoveling. I was so angry by the end of it I considered running in my boots and Carhartt, but the streets weren't plowed, so I'd be slogging through ankle-deep slush. I took a picture...

Angry face. 

So when the temperature slid back into the single digits I S'dIU and threw on layers and layers and layers and ran 4 this morning. It wasn't fun. But I was so happy to be out doing the deal, I, again, took a picture!

Bundled, but happy!
I've only turned in 7 miles so far this week, but dang it- I'm sticking to this!! 

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