Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Swirling-Whirling Pool (Before and After)

The title comes from a phrase my son repeats daily. I guess it's a thing on Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Something about a magic anchor. Anyway, it's how I feel this morning. There is SO MUCH going on!! It feels like a Monday... on Wednesday.

(My friend and I always email lists to each other when things feel overwhelming.)
1. Our (unoccupied) car got hit last week and I'm trying to figure out the repairs.
2. My business is starting to boom... good, but I have LOTS of phone calls to return.
3. Sawyer. He... exists, and is having a very demanding week. Still cute though!!!!
4. The exciting pilot study that I'm working on is revving up into gear.
5. My right glute/IT band is throwing shocks of shooting pain down my leg.
6. TAXES!!

And other stuff. Stuff with Stephan, and other family members. Sigh. So.... this is my "before" post. Despite the shooting pain, I'm going to head out for a run and see what shakes out. It's a beautiful day (30+ and sunny!), and I feel pretty good. So..... I'll be back after these messages.


Whew. I needed that. My brain had to stop talking to me and focus on the pain in my leg. Every. Step. I tweaked my stride over and over to find a comfortable gait. It took 2 miles, but I did it. Thoughts that kept creeping in were shelved until later. All those people who need to be dealt with were not on my run with me. It was just me, the road, and the sun. Oh, the sun. The beautiful sun. Sigh.

I had no mileage planned, just out and back for water, out and back, out and back until I was tired. I knocked out 5 and came in to shower before picking Sawyer up. I think I could have hit at least 2 more. Maybe another day. I'm excited to keep my mind clear for the next few hours, until it's time to get back on the computer/phone/Excel spreadsheets and deal with all of it.


Annie Crow said...

Yes, sun!!!

I also keep running on an aggravated IT band. I mean, what am I going to do, stop running?

My Goo is right there with your Sawyer these days. Bless them both. Thank God they're cute.

Glad your run helped with your head!

Ali K. said...

Ugh, IT band pain is the worst. Sometimes I wish the IT band didn't exist. It's a serious flaw in human engineering lol.

I'm glad your business is booming! Clearly there's a lot on your plate right now. Just keep swimming!