Sunday, February 23, 2014

Packing List

There are lots of reasons why I packed my gear for an indoor run on a treadmill this afternoon. I pack myself often, so I didn't think twice that I had everything.

Dude(s). I forgot the sports bra. All I had was the cotton one I wore to church. And I'm not sure about any of you... but I did NOT want to try a 5 mile run in a regular cotton bra. I thought about scrapping the whole plan, but that would leave me 5 miles short for the week!!

Sigh. I decided to walk it. Ugh. Walk 5 miles on a treadmill. I calculated it would take... scientifically.... forever to walk 5 miles. About 0.5 miles into it, I changed the plan. I decided to walk for an hour, see how far I got, and just call it a day.

And THEN.... THEN?!?!?

Nike+ had my pace at 11:40/mile. Hahahahaha!! The treadmill was set to more of the 15 minutes per mile, but Nike+ decided my short little legs and quick long arms were going much faster than that.

After an hour, Nike+ registered my 5.0 mile run. The treadmill read 3.5 miles.

Voting time!!

Do I take the 5.0? Or the 3.5 and just make it up next week?


Ali K. said...

I NEVER know if I should trust the treadmill. I usually go by my Nike+ reading, even if it's more generous.

I've run in a normal bra before, but not 5 miles.

... said...

Haha! Ali!! I'd already been fighting some pretty gnarly chafing in odd places... Just the walking caused additional problems. Helloooo bodyglide and giant bandaids for a while!

So what's the longest you've run with a gear malfunction?

Annie Crow said...

Ugh, that sucks. I forgot my headband and my socks this morning, but since I was rowing the socks weren't much of an issue. (The headband was more of one, my hair gets in my face when rowing, but I SIUP.) I don't think I've ever run without a running bra, ouch.

Personally, if I'm on the treadmill I don't turn on any other devices, so I would have gone with that count.

Hope everything heals soon!