Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How is Pregnancy like College-drinking?

1. Awake at 3:30am drinking sprite and cranberry juice.

2. The farting.

3. Binge-eating whatever someone else left in the fridge (because anything you didn't buy is the BEST. FOOD. EVER.)

4. Reruns of epic shows have a strange attraction (Lost, Dances with Wolves, Passions.)

5. Mens' sweaters are the MOST. COMFORTABLE. EVER.

6. Until they're not, and clothing just gets strewn around the place because when did it get so hot in here all of the sudden???

7. Shoes are the devil.

8. You're still the crying girl at the kitchen table.

9. Everything on a Denny's menu looks amazing.

10. Creepy feeling there's something weird going on in your belly.


Ali K. said...

I'm not sure late-night drinking in college involved sprite and cranberry, but that does sound tasty!!

Annie Crow said...

So funny. Not that I would know about college drinking...