Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kitchen Boss

Or Overheard: I think I ruined cookies forever.

Me: These chocolate chip cookies taste funny.

Him: Yeah, they do. What's different?

Me: Nothing at all. But we haven't had any processed sugar, white flour or margarine in, like, three months.

Him: This is your fault. Just like with the "all-natural refrigerated" peanut butter. You get me totally used to this real food, and then the delicious fake food just tastes gross.

So.... I win?? Chalk one up for health? I've been making gigantic strides in the kitchen lately thanks to these people at Thug Kitchen and their amazing cookbook . My most favorite part is the week-long process of putting together vegetable broth. Now all my vegetable scraps get saved until the end of the week and boiled in water before moving down to compost, so I have a seemingly endless supply of fresh, FREE broth whenever I need it!

Broth. Sometimes, it's what's for dinner.

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Annie Crow said...

Nice! And yes, the longer you eat the good stuff, the worse the other stuff tastes. (Sadly, it takes all too little time to get the taste for nasty processed stuff back again.)