Friday, June 27, 2008

Dia Dos

Me: What should I tell them?
Him: Second day a lot like the first, with only 1/3 of the patients.
Me: There were supposed to be only 50-100 people, all adults. There were 275, mostly children. We ran out of vitamins.
Him: The guys built a highly-efficient wood-burning stove in a family´s house for about $150.00.
Me: How did YOU do today?
Him: Mostly just translated for the doctor, sterilized instruments and tried to calm upset children.
Me: I did that. I kept letting them suck on my pen.
Him: That´s so hot.
Me: Sometimes I even got to clean it between babies.
Him: Not only hot, but sanitary as well. Anyway, it´s about time for a little R & R before we put together the meds for another 700+ day.
Me: Ugh.
Him: But then I think our last day (Sunday) will be a day in the capitol city (Tegucigalpa) just walking around.

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