Thursday, June 26, 2008

Estamos aqui

We made it! We´re safe, the weather is warm (not hot) and rainy in the afternoons. Yesterday was a "free day" where we packed and organized medicinas and labled everything (until 12AM). Today was our first Brigade and we passed through 750 people in one day. The medical staff is only one American doctor, one Honduran doctor, and Stephan. I spent the day translating, and Stephan helped the doctors see the patients. It´s after dinner now and time to load up the suitcases for tomorrow´s Brigade (only 100 people expected tomorrow. Dulce!)

That´s it. We´re exhausted. Gonna sleep well when we get home. Thanks, again, to everyone who made this possible. It´s amazing what your $20 ($50, $100) donation has been able to provide people here.

Not crying- sleeping soon.

PS Someone please call Stephan´s mom and tell her we´re ok. Thanks.

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