Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Visit Medora

Seriously. Visit Medora. Trying not to be boring... here's what our night consisted of. Are you looking at the photo above? That's the view from the table we ate dinner at. Sure, we were outside, and it was a little chilly, but you seriously can't beat that view.

And then the musical was fantastic. Outdoors, of course, but look again at that photo. That was the backdrop. Forget the fourth wall, the first wall was incredible. The second act consisted of a recreation of the Battle of San Juan Hill with an actual calvary of horses and riders, and a cowboy lit with a spotlight riding across the nearest ridge. There were also fireworks, lots of songs and dancing (even tap dancing!). It was a really fun time, and we slept really well that night.

If you're interested in visiting Medora check out the link!

Me: Stephan, tell me about the golf course.

Him: Awww. Just put, "it [...] rocks."

Me: I can't use that word.

Him: How about 'freakin'?

Me: Anything else? People are used to actual description here.

Him: The front 9 is beautifully manicured golf course with difficult sand traps and water hazards played against the Badlands as a backdrop. The back 9 plays through the Badlands, using elevated T's, dropping down onto wide green fairways with nothing but steep rocky slopes in between.

Me: Very nice. How many balls did you lose?

Him: I only played the front 9.

Me: How many balls did you find?

Him: I found 4.

Me: So you netted.... how many?

Him: I bought 4, found 4, came back with 3. You do the math.

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Don and Melissa said...

We love Medora. I hope we make it out this summer, but right now it's not looking good.