Friday, June 6, 2008

Not My Fault

Amazing that this kitchen accident wasn't caused by your dear author. Stephan turned on the front burner instead of the rear one to boil water. He was also making brownies for the branding last weekend but when he tried to take them out of the oven they slipped right out of the pan and landed on the floor. In a hurry he threw the pot holder onto the stovetop to try to rescue the brownies. He didn't see the smoke, but I did and started yelling, "fire. Fire. FIRE!" and grabbed the pot holder off the burner. After a few minutes I noticed that it was still smoldering, so I doused it with water.

I took a photo as proof and, of course, saved the evidence.

As karma would have it, I then sliced the top of my left thumb off on Wednesday night, thusly banning myself from hot and sharp kitchen objects.

Dinner for the rest of the week will be cereal.

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