Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day at the Ranch

Rancher Gary sold his winter wheat to the Co-Op in Ismay last week. We stopped by to watch as the grain was vacuumed from the grain bin into a truck. Stephan remembers all the details a lot better than I do (but he's at work and I wanted to post these photos this afternoon). So you'll just have to make due with my city-folk descriptions.

In this photo you can see, from left to right, the motor-thingie that did the sucking, Gary in the tractor running the motor-thingie, the hose that the wheat is being sucked through, Stephan learning things, Rancher Dan teaching Stephan, the truck driver helping out, and then the grain bin on the far right.

This is the raw winter wheat, along with the natural powder that helps keeps the bugs away.

Stephan inside the grain bin (view from the cab of the tractor).

Rancher Gary and ME!! I had a lot of fun, but the tractor was very loud. I also learned a lot about winter and spring wheat, and peas, and grain, and farming, and tractors.

Any questions?


Mom said...

How's the "baby-making" going.
xx Mom

... said...

We'll let you know in 2 weeks.