Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'll Just Have a Salad

Or maybe not. Incase you can't tell, this is shredded lettuce, a pickle, a slice of carrot and a deviled egg. With a side of ranch. On this particular day, we were happy about the egg and pickle.

I've had a few different things to say about the food out here, mostly that we are not on the "fresh produce" railroad. I won't tell you where this salad came from, but we ate it, mostly because the egg showed so much effort.

And was delicious.


Mom said...

Looks delicious!

Amy in Colorado said...

that is NOT a salad!! that is a taco, hold the taco, chicago dog, hold everything but the pickle, veggie platter, carrot sticks only, deviled egg, too lazy to actually devil it.. and the side of ranch that was missing from my buffalo wings.. what are they thinking up there in montana? even ranch-loving, cow-wrangling, bull-riding cowboys and country folk need some veggies with thier steak!! LOL!!