Thursday, February 5, 2009

Have I given out enough personal information on the internets?

Hello everybody. We have some potentially "beautiful" news to share today. It was doctor day again, this time with 3 tests all in one day! First up was another test for Stephan. We had 2 hours to wait for those test results to come in, but once they did the doctor said...

Well, she used the adjective "beautiful." Really?! Beautiful? Like, they put on their fancy clothes today? Sure. We'll go with that.

Then was the HSG (see previous TMI post for details) which was easy, painless, and successful! So the pipes are clear! And since it was buy-two-infertility-treatments-get-one-free day we went in for a follicle ultrasound just for good measure (that's a joke, but only if you actually work in radiology). She measured both of my ovaries and saw that the right one (am I including enough specifics for you?) looks all set to release an egg sometime next week. In fact, she took a close up photo of the follicle/egg for us and printed it out. In the space where they normally type your last name she typed B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and made the cursor into an exclamation point.

After all this good news I got a phone call from Benedictine University that I was accepted into their Master of Public Health program online. So, yeah, we're gonna be a bit busy here for a while. If we don't answer the phone... call back later!!


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Allison said...

Maybe this video will help in your quest!

... said...

Allison, I don't know who you are... but that video is SO cute!! It's not quite safe for work, just because of all the other videos it links with- but Awwwwwww. Very nice.

Please email me and tell me who you are!

amy in colorado said...

good news all around.. hey, do you tweet on twitter? i know you're into the digital world.. if not, check it out.. it's a great way to keep in touch with family/friends/others in real time.. and you can link your blog to it.. i'm loving it :-) if you are, let me know what your username is and i'll follow you!