Sunday, October 11, 2009

Being Reflective

Last night was the annual Plevna Fire Department Pancake and Sausage Supper. Stephan was quick to point out to me that this is the last year we'll be participating in it. You know, because I needed something else to be emotional about. Which got me thinking about how hard it was for me to move here, 40 miles south of nowhere, kind of on a whim, almost 3 years ago. Want to stroll with me?

I started the blog the day we arrived, January 29th, 2007. At that point I was just trying to keep as many people updated as possible without being on the phone all day long. Those first few days were very exciting and very busy!

We were introduced to Plevna, Montana almost right away, even though I couldn't imagine living somewhere so tiny... it's where we ended up settling. Stephan's first job as a nurse started out overwhelming for him, but, as many of you know, he soon settled into a nice routine and fell in love with the career, his patients, the town, and all his coworkers. With Stephan settling in, I started feeling more and more like we were on safari somewhere strange, instead of tucking in to a cozy town. Less than a month into the move I still had a sense of humor about everything, but that was about to come to an abrupt end....

[to be continued after this enormous wave of pregnancy-fueled emotion subsides]

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Kristenanne said...

i hope someday you write a book about your time spent here. I think I would buy it and keep it on my coffee table for everyone to read. It would have to have some of those pages with a single quote on it b/c there are just SO many good ones. I'm so glad you understand life here though. I'll always have a commrad in arms!
Love you. Miss you! see you soon, I hope!!!