Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hanging In Here

Stephan has been training at Loyola University Medical Center all week, and sort of enjoying it. It's a lot of review and paper work, but no time on The Floor yet. I've been home with Sawyer, battening down the immunity hatches. We've both been sick since Christmas, and this week was the worst for me. It's actually true what they say, lack of sleep does hurt your ability to fight off disease. After one 4-hour nap brought to me by my parents I thought I was cured. Things got worse after 3 nights without sleep (hello 2-month-old who hates to sleep! My name is Mommy!), then yesterday Stephan's parents showed up to allow me a nap, and... AND.... A.N.D..... the baby slept last night. Like, fell asleep at midnight, and only woke up at 3 and 6 to eat before waking up at 8:30 for real. Amazing.

Ok, ok, so I had him bundled in our bed, which is kinda like cheating. But after this sinus thing is over I promise to act like a real tough mom and make him sleep in his own bed at night.

Just not yet.

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