Friday, January 8, 2010

Awake at 7am? (Distances)**

This new phenomenon of morning posting (the baby and I usually sleep from 3am-8am) is brought to you by a combination of the 2-month infant vaccines and a really bad nightmare about birds (specifically pterodactyls) breaking through frozen ponds and killing the people who live under the water.

Read this first. It took me a long time to put that list together, and people didn't believe it when I did. For reference sake, I'll make a kind of a chart:

From Plevna to McDonald's = 75 miles
From Here to McDonalds = 0.9 miles

From Plevna to UPS Store = 93.7 miles
From Here to UPS Store = 1.8 miles

From Plevna to Office Max = 215 miles
From Here to Office Max = 0.8 miles

From Plevna to Dairy Queen = 68.1 miles
From Here to Dairy Queen = 2.2 miles

From Plevna to Taco Bell = 127 miles
From Here to Taco Bell = 1.7 miles

From Plevna to Wal-mart = 75 miles
From Here to Wal-mart = 0.9 miles

From Plevna to ANY gas station = 13 miles
From Here to ANY gas station = 0.5 miles

From Plevna to THE grocery store (Reynolds) = 14 miles
From Here to A grocery store (Jewel/Osco) = 0.7 miles

From Plevna to THE bar = 0.4 miles
From Here to A bar = 0.5 miles

Winning the "Bar" category was enough to push Plevna into the winner's circle for this competition. That .1 mile is a big deal when you're walking home at 2am.

If you are a follower of my Nike+ progress you will note that ALL of my runs/walks are at least 1.0 mile long, with an average of about 2 miles per run/walk. So.... even if 2.5 miles from everything is a bit of an exageration, I could still easily walk there.

**This post was edited at 9:30 Saturday morning when Stephan and I realized that all of the Plevna miles were totally wrong. I put the original list together before we moved to Plevna. After living there for three years we know the distances much better and would NEVER have to look them up on line.

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