Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photos for Mom

Flickr has been annoying me lately, so you'll just have to see these photos here.

He LOVES his baby sling. And his cute face is just... so cute!!

Me and Sawyer, walking around the house, getting stuff done.

Sawyer and Auntie M. Melanie, that is!

Sawyer and his cousin Sahra.

Sawyer in his cowboy hat with Auntie Kathy. Kids love hats.

Sawyer in his cowboy outfit with his cousin Anina, Auntie Kathy, and Uncle Nemer.

In his baby swing with Auntie Lynnie. Very happy!!

Sawyer sleeps with his arms extended. Sometimes he smacks himself in the face while he's sleeping. Swaddling him helps this problem. Here, he is doing the mambo.

Daddy puts Sawyer in the sink before his bath so he can everything ready. The pink is my bathrobe as padding. He doesn't seem to mind this.

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