Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Big Old Pile of Shi-

-ft Work.

Life here has really been shaken up in the last week. Stephan began working his night shifts about a week ago, and we're still trying to adjust. He leaves the house at 6pm to start his shift in the ER at 7pm. He gets a break sometime between 1-3am to eat whatever-the-name-of-that-meal-would-be. Fourth meal? He is finished at 7:30am, but he goes to the gym before he comes home- so he doesn't get home until after 9:30am. He showers, eats breakfast, and is asleep by 11am. He wakes up at 5pm to do it all over again. He asked to work a max of two days in a row at a time, but next week he works three, and the week after that is four.

Sawyer and I are still working on our schedule. We clean the kitchen after dinner and then go downstairs to either watch TV or exercise. We finish up around 9pm (or not when Lost is 2 hours long!!) and go upstairs to take a tubby. See the below video for tubby details. After the tubby is where the schedule falls apart. Sometimes he falls asleep right after the tubby while nursing, sometimes not. Sometimes it takes until after midnight for him to fall asleep. Sometimes he stays asleep, sometimes he wakes up every hour.

We're back on schedule at 7am when Sawyer wakes up to eat, the dogs wake up to go out, and I could use about 2 more hours of sleep. With all of those things taken care of by 8am, Sawyer is back asleep and I'm wide awake. I watch the adorable kiddo make faces in his sleep until Stephan comes home. We eat breakfast together, and I try to stay quiet while he sleeps. That means laundry, computer time, quiet unpacking, and lots of giggling time with the awake baby. He's usually wide awake by noon, with a few naps in the afternoon.

Playing with the baby includes laughing, smiling, sitting and standing up, shaking rattles (he can't really hold them on his own yet), some tummy-time playing with toys... he LOVES the baby Neptune adventure gym and plays my himself for up to 45 minutes at a time. He's so interested in the dang thing I hate taking him away from it. I love listening to him coo and try to talk to the octupus and whale. I've attached a few other toys to it to try to add some adventure. I make dinner piece by piece throughout the afternoon, chopping, mixing spices, etc. whenever I have a minute. We also do a fair bit of cleaning with Sawyer strapped to my chest.

There's lots of Facebooking, IM'ing, emailing, paying bills, figuring out the budget, and trying to remember to brush my teeth. Speaking of....

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