Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Post Where I Talk about Religion

Sawyer was baptised this weekend! Yippie for the Holy Spirit! We don't much talk about religion on this blog, mostly because it's such a hot topic, and so many of the people who read the blog have strong and different opinions about it. But, here I go anyway.

The thing I'm thinking about religion today is: why is this an all-or-nothing topic? It seems that people either have very strong beliefs (i.e. "I believe this and therefore YOU MUST believe it too, here are the 1,000 reasons I've prepared to convince you of that"), or they are totally apathetic. Where are the people who just believe in something (whatever that means to them) and practice their religion (whatever tht means to them), are open and honest when asked about it, and then go on with their day?

I think this was the dilemma Stephan and I faced when it came to deciding how we wanted to raise Sawyer. Do we have to pick between these two opposites? Or can our family just quietly do our thing? When selecting godparents we really struggled with finding people who would support us in our walk, no matter where that walk would lead us, and not ignore that walk either. We wanted people who will sit down with Sawyer when he's older and talk to him about their own lives. People who, more than talk about being Christian, live Christian lives. I think we found those people, and I think that's a pretty smart way to do things.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said

Amy in Colorado said...

congratulations on the baptism!! and kudos to you guys for "having it your way".. no matter one's opinion, religion is something very deeply personal between each individual, each family, and their God..