Sunday, July 18, 2010

Overheard: In the City

Me: So can we do it?

Him: We'll have to call J.U.L.I.E. first.

Me: Well how deep would we have to dig?

Him: It depends on the soil consistency.... standard is 2 meters, but with hard soil it would be 4 feet and sandy would be 8 feet.

Me: Oh.

Him: And if you're putting cement around it you'll need rebar.

Me: Really? Cement?

Him: Well, you didn't think you'd just have your a$$ hanging out in the breeze did you?

Me: ...

Me: I love that you know how to build a latrine.


Kristenanne said...

You're building a latrine in your backyard in the burbs? You people are ROCKSTARS!!!

... said...

I want to call the village and find out what they say... we have room behind the garage.


amy in colorado said...

very cool.. i have a well - yes, a well, on my property in the city (which means i can give the bird to the city when i'm watering and washing my cars, and have an emergency water source at all times).. but, i still am on the city sewer system.. wouldn't be hard to put one here too, but you'd have to do it "outlaw" as the zoning, permitting and regulations in this city would make the venture one full of red-tape and fees :-) good luck you crazy kids!

Anonymous said...

You have 1-1/2 bathrooms INSIDE your house!

... said...

And maybe one outside after Gus and JB stop by!!

(Mom, you can post your name...)