Thursday, July 22, 2010

Overheard: Not What You'd Think

Me: Oh, I didn't think they'd transfer my call to you...

Village Employee: Yes?

Me: I know there's a thunderstorm right now but...

VE: Yes?

Me: It sounds like someone is lighting quarter sticks of dynamite near my house.

VE: What does it sound like?

Me: Almost like a gunshot, but deeper pitched. Deeper than my husband's .370 and with a flash of light.

VE: Do you want an officer to follow up with you?

Me: No. Just make it stop.


Kristenanne said...

I'm sorry for the inconvience but....BWAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that call center/office!!! They probably didn't even know what a .370 was!!! I'm totally sending this to buck.

Kristenanne said...

oh yay, and when I sent this to Buck and a couple of my other friends because I laughed so hard and thought this has to be shared with people, Buck wanted me to let you know that it's a .270, but none the less, 100% impressed!

... said...

It's happened 4 days in a row now. I talked to the cop yesterday. She was 1/2 mile away when she heard it last night.

Stephan has 2 guns, one is the .270, the other is (I think) a .360 (right? "thirty aught six" = .360?). I think I got them mixed together in my head. This gun thing is so confusing!!! I think I said "thirty aught six" to the guy... either way, the noise was deeper than both of them.