Friday, December 17, 2010

Ok, so it IS a running blog...

...At least for the next 4.2 months. There just isn't much else going on.

Pre-training Week 2.5
(we screwed up our schedule, so we added this week)
today's temp = 19F
today's run = 5 miles
last week's miles = 15
this week's miles = 15
next week's miles = 17

Thought for the week: Marathon training is NOT sexy.
I had this vision in my head of those super-toned women running down the street in their tight black running-pants, sports bra tops, ponytails bouncing with every step. They breathe in time with their evenly paced steps. They wave. They have perfect arms, perfect form, and they run for miles just bouncing along.

That's not what this is like. This is putting on thick sweat pants over thermal underware, two bras, a t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a huge hooded sweatshirt, black facemask, crocheted yellow hat and black gloves. My legs usually go numb within the first 1/2 mile. My hands sweat in the gloves, my hair gets caked with sweat that freezes immediately, there's snot. Lots of snot. The snot also freezes. My eyes turn red with the cold air and water. The sweat on my cheeks freezes, burning my skin. My lips get chapped from the frozen air passing in front of them, and they've already begun to peel and bleed.

And this is still pre-training. It's been a relatively warm December. We have about 30 more miles left in pre-training. I haven't counted the total miles involved in training. It's a lot. None of them are sexy.

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