Friday, December 3, 2010

Weird stuff happens here too

An old woman in her pajamas on a cell phone just ran past the house. She was being followed by an old man in an SUV. I saw her through the window and she gestured at me to go to my back yard. I met here there. She was still on the phone. She said a little dog ran into our back yard. I asked if it was her dog, but she said it wasn't. They lost their dog a month ago. She was on the phone telling the police about the dog. Her husband yelled that the dog was down the street. I went to see, and there was a tiny white dog booking it down the street. The husband told me they just lost their dog a month ago and offered a $1,000 reward. I asked if they got their dog back. They did. The man said the little dog was going to get run over. And yelled at his wife to get back in the car. She told me she was getting ready for work. Then they left.

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