Thursday, January 19, 2012

People in my Neighborhood

4 miles today. 12 degrees Fahrenheit, -3 windchill. It was one of those awful runs where all I could think of was how I could justify heading in early.

I thought about a person I know who just finished her chemo treatments. She told me she tried to run 4 miles but she didn't have the strength yet. So I kept going.

I passed an old man trying to walk three tiny dogs. They kept tangling in his feet and he looked miserable. So I kept going.

I passed a woman in a full burka getting into a car. I know it's her choice in this country, but still... I kept going.

I passed a house where a man with one artificial leg is living with his mother. I turned around there and ran home.

When I got home I couldn't feel the skin on my legs. My face mask was covered in ice. It was a good run.

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