Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Cars

You've heard of people who watch 'guilty pleasure' television shows. Mine is A&E's Intervention. This morning I watched a sad story about a son who was an addict and a father who had been supporting him. When it came to the intervention the producers had positioned a police officer in the room because the son had made death threats to them. The son repeatedly refused the treatment they were offering so they left the father and son alone in the room.

The father looked at the son and said, "You're going to leave here in a car. The producers have a car, and the police officer has a car. Which one are you going to get into?"

Wow. It makes so much sense. At any point of your day you have two choices:

a. Breakfast: Eggs and toast? Or donuts and coffee?
b. Pre-work: Read the paper? Or do a short workout?
c. Lunch: What's to eat?
d. Post-work: Relax with television? Walk 30 minutes?
e. Evening: Late-night snack or go to bed early?

Time is passing. You're getting in one car or another. It's happening. Right now, as you sit at the computer, you're in a car. Which one is it? Is it the one that's taking you to health and wellness? Or the one that's keeping your status-quo?

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