Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And then....

I woke up on Sunday excited for the race. And then I ran the race. And then I rocked that race. I was a little surprised that I only came in 19th (out of more than 50), but I'm definitely not complaining. Also, then, there's this... All of my throat problems are gone. I realized it on Sunday afternoon. There's no pressure, no tightness, it's easy to breath, everything is gone. I haven't taken any of the medication I was prescribed in more than 5 days. So it's not the medication.

I've had 2 Healing Touch treatments, one massage, and I'm breathing totally differently. So... alternative medicine just won a lot of points for me! Today's 3 mile run was a little brutal. It's hot today (ok, just in the 70's) and I'm really not used to heat. And sun. And sunblock. I was wearing a LOT of sunblock. I loved it though. The sweat burned when it mixed with the sunblock and dried when the wind hit it.

And the sensation of the dry burning reminded me of all of those great victories last year when I was training for the marathon. That was awesome, and I'm started to get excited about training for the next big race. It isn't 26.2, but I'm excited to get back into distance racing again.

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