Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Look Down

Look up and to the right. Then to the right. Then down and to the right.... That's the text of an eye exam I get once a year while a ophthalmologist looks for melanoma in the back of my eyes. Yeah, I know. Last Sunday started the 12 week countdown until the Soldier Field 10 Mile race. Training has officially started. Tuesday was an easy 3 mile run, and today was 20 minutes of cross training. Since there wasn't a 10 mile plan available, I'm following a 1/2 marathon plan. I figure I'll enjoy it when I finish 3.1 miles early. The fundraising is going really well. It was the part I was the most nervous about, but I hit the minimum really quickly. I raised the bar to $1000 and I'm pretty sure I'll get there! I'm doing massage for donations for the people at work, and mentioning the run to everyone I run into. I also get to wear the awesome DetermiNation t-shirt everywhere I go. I'll be wearing it on Sunday to the first 5k of the season. Sure, it's blue and not green, but I'll take a few pinches for donations!!!!

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