Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Go Long

Remember when long runs were 10-14 miles? Or 16? Or... 20?! This week's long run was 5.



But it was a true "long run" in that my brain turned off. The miles clicked by, but I wasn't counting them. On long runs the pace doesn't really matter as long as you're somewhat consistent. It was nice to have enough time to remember that how I feel for the first mile has nothing to do with how the entire run is going to go. The first mile took me 11 minutes. The fifth one took only 10 minutes and 15 seconds. It was a perfect long run. Wind, sun, pace, everything was exactly what I needed.

Overall I finished in 52 minutes. That's crazy fast for me!! I looked back at my long runs from last year and they were all 11 minute or MORE. So I'm faster now!

And I look pretty good.

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