Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey, Sexy Lady

Hey runner people. It's New Year's Day. Have you written your lofty goals and set down your resolutions? Sure.

Here are the reasons I hate this tradition:

1. Today is my birthday. It makes me sad to think people are restricting their diets, beginning painful exercise programs. or thusly changing their lives in large and often disappointing ways today.

2. It's just a day. There is no power to 1/1. You can decide anything on any day of the year. I wish more people would feel as powerful every day as they do on 1/1 to make positive changes.

3. It gives people the excuse to totally tank their lifestyle for the month of December. "I'll start January 1st" is such a common excuse for people to procrastinate making changes they know they need to make.

4. It sucks the will out of people to watch the days tick by in January and they haven't achieved (or even started!) any of their goals. It makes January depressing.

So what do I ponder philosophically on January 1st? On my birthday? I always hope to have the courage to change the things that I realize need to change during the year. Something about acceptance too sometimes... but we all know that's the first step and... well... I try to set reasonable goals.

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