Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Will We Do Today, Brain??

Sitting still for 4 weeks (relatively) I've finally decided to jump on a small project I've been thinking about for six months. Every year my Dad's family gets together in southern Missouri for a shared family vacation. Imagine the Dirty Dancing family summer camp, but everyone is related to each other. We have dinners, talent night, games, activities...

And this year I want to have a 5k fun run/walk/stroll. We're a pretty active family- most people are involved in some type of physical activity as a hobby. We're blessed to be a very fit family. So the vacation is generally a nice relaxation time. But last year I saw an opportunity.

So here we go: Anna plans a 5k. Here's my list so far:

*Course map
*Water/sports drink
*Bibs (?)
*T-shirts (?)

What else do you guys think I need?

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