Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stop, Children, What's that Sound?

Truth: I've run twice since December 14th. Two times in a month. That's... sad. But actually, that's amazing. What happened? I got sick in December. Sinus problems, exhaustion, then Christmas, then more exhaustion. And never once did I put on my game-face grimace and decide that I was going to go 'out there' no matter what.

There's something different now. I'm listening better. Oh? What's that lungs?? You've got the beginnings of fluid settling in? And how can I help? By not running in 20 degree air? Ok. Sure thing. No problem.

What's that cardiovascular system?? You're drained? Dehydrated?? Does that mean I should gear up and tax you into submission? No? Huh.

My acupuncturist thinks I've made a breakthrough. I'm shocked to have lost 5lbs over the holiday- what with the eating and the not running. So maybe it was time for a change. I just hope that once this is all over I can put these amazing new shoes on, go out and spend some gift-card money on fresh gear, and burn up some winter mileage.

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