Tuesday, January 15, 2013


All of this "not running" has given me a TON of time for navel-gazing. Enjoy the following:

om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung

“Homage to the diamond master, born in the lotus.” 
“Homage to the enlightened powers of the Lotus-born Guru.”

Om ah hung is an invocation- just syllables to start a prayer.
Benza (or vajra) is diamond or thunderbolt
Guru is master
Pema (or Padmé) is lotus. 
Siddhis are spiritual powers, like love, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, enlightenment. 

It’s a way of affirming that the lotus grows and flourishes out of the mud of one’s own nature. Those enlightened powers grow in the mud of our own base nature.


Annie Crow said...

Perhaps especially important for mamas to know this.

Not just for the literal sh-t we deal with (and snot and all the other good bodily substances children produce in such abundance), but also for how we are sometimes not our very best selves.

Speaking as someone whose struggle with my preschooler this morning resonated throughout our apartment stairwell... at 7:15 a.m....

... said...

It's really been inspirational in those not-so-awesome parenting moments. "Well, I've got a great supply of mud!! This lotus is going to be AWESOME!!"