Monday, February 4, 2013


I might have stolen that word from somewhere. Regardless. It was 6 degrees on Friday with a -16 windchill. This is what I wore for a 35 minute run:

Top from left to right: Waterproof windbreaker. Fleece zip-up. Black face mask. Pink and white hat. Long underwear waffle shirt. Blue Under Armor base layer. Bra. Thin running gloves. Heavy running mittens.
Bottom: Dog (did not come with). Waterproof windproof pants. Thermal leggings. Shoes. RoadID. Socks.

I tried to take a picture of my frozen eyelashes and sheet of ice that covered the inside of every layer of clothing. But the camera wasn't cooperating and it all melted quickly.

Why have I started running again now that it's frigid and frozen in Chicago?? I don't know. I'm back after six weeks really slow, following the Zombies, RUN! 5k Plan. REALLY slow. But when it's time to run I really let loose and sprint. And sprinting in the winter, through the rain or snow, is more like playing. It's more like romping. More like fun.

I love stretching out my legs for the 30 second strides. I love it because I know I don't have to maintain it for long. I know I can slow down and walk when I get tired, and it doesn't reflect on me as a person. I am just playing. I don't have a race planned, a pace goal, a distance milestone or a demon to stare-down. This is a liberating type of running, despite not being able to 'put my arms down.'

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Ali said...

You are amazing. I can't even get myself to run in 45 degrees haha.