Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweat Thoughts

I watch The Biggest Loser. Religiously. The last few weeks I've noticed a few different articles online about the efficacy or motivational attributes of the show. At the same time, I started hearing friends comparing themselves to the contestants on the show. Last year I heard that the producers fake some of the results of the runs- most notably that the Marathon has never been certified by anyone as actually being 26.2 miles. 

And here's why I'm frustrated...

I LOVE this show. I LOVE watching people do things they never thought they could do. I feel like working out when I see people logging miles and tossing weight around. And here's the point: 

I let myself be inspired by the contestants, but I would never try to imitate them. The show is amazingly inspirational- but completely impractical. It's a gameshow. Game. Show. People. NOT a lifestyle plan. If you honestly think quitting your job and working out in front of cameras 8 hours a day with medical professionals, personal trainers, chefs, and physical therapists, is the actual way to make a change to your life.... well, then, you're setting yourself up to be really disappointed. 

Find a physical hobby. Experiment with healthier foods. Encourage yourself to not be as sedentary. It's not that easy. You might need help. Eh- you'll probably need help. But don't think that the numbers you see on Biggest Loser will translate in any way to your current situation. Use their perspiration for your inspiration. 


Ali said...

Not to mention that these people don't have to work while on the show! They diet and exercise 24/'s so unrealistic. I agree that the show is really awesome and inspirational, but we need to remember it's reality it's not reality haha.

... said...

I heard one of them say on the last episode, "The other contestants...." which is true!! They are contestants. It's like watching Jeopardy and thinking, "Geeze, why didn't I know the answer to that?"