Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No, Really. Who DID Move My Finish Line?

I feel cured. Can I be cured?? Can Bipolar II have just been a 6 month segue from summer to winter?

What? No? Huh.

Here's the professional's opinion: mental health is like physical fitness.

Here's what that means to me: there is no finish line (cue The Matrix: there is no spoon). 40 Miles South of Nowhere wasn't the end. 13 miles West of 40 Miles South wasn't the end. The line at the end of the 26.2 that was sadly devoid of celebration was just a mile marker.

I think this is what makes someone a runner: the race you're training for isn't your last race. When you see "Finish" you think, "Finish[ed 3.1]" or "Finish[ed 13.1]."

Am I finished with therapy? No. Probably not. But maybe I can see one (of a multitude of) Finish Lines up ahead.


Annie Crow said...

Just commenting because I am so frequently impressed with what you write. Your posts often stun me into silence. (Which is rare.) Thanks.

... said...

Thank you so much. This means so much to me. I usually write things just to get them out of my brain and I forget that other people will read it. I'm so glad this was something you could relate to!!

Ali said...

This is a great way to think about it. It's a great reminder, too, that a "bad race" or a health setback isn't the end. The journey is what matters, and the finish line is an invisible smudge somewhere on the horizon.