Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"I'm So Sorry."

I'm young(ish). I'm fit(ish). I'm thin(ish). I'm healthy. But when I mentioned to someone this week that I'd had cancer he said, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." It prompted me to make the following list.

Because of cancer I lost 25 pounds.
Because of cancer I ran a marathon.
Because of cancer I put sunblock on every inch of skin I see.
Because of cancer I eat less processed and junk food.
Because of cancer I get all my regular screenings.
Because of cancer I raised more than $1000 for the ACS.
Because of cancer I can relate to a LOT of people.
Because of cancer I spend a lot of time being grateful for every step I take.

I am healthier because of cancer. That's nothing to be sorry about.


Annie Crow said...

And that is amazingly inspiring. (And worth raising a shout of thanks to modern medical techonology and care.)

Ali said...

Wow. What am inspirational way to look back on rough experiences and see the good in them. Thank you for this.

... said...

Thanks guys!! It helps me to remember how far I've come so I can keep going when I get discouraged.