Friday, May 3, 2013

A Different Type of Relay

Imagine two suburbans packed with Cancer survivors, and their friends, on a 198 mile journey. Where are they going? Back for yet another round of testing? To explore a new treatment center? A prevention study? A support group? Rehab? What are they wearing? Medical dressings? Wigs? Paper gowns? What are they talking about? Side-effects? Surgical scars?

No. These suburbans are packed with survivors DetermiNated to fight against cancer. DetermiNated to relay to Chicago. DetermiNated to celebrate the American Cancer Society's 100th birthday in a BIG way. DetermiNated to help Finish the Fight. They are all wearing DetermiNation Red, White, and Blue. They are talking about their next races, their fundraising activities, and their supportive friends and family who have been with them the whole way.

Team DetermiNation 1 is made up of 12 people- both survivors and supporters- who are committed to bringing awareness to the fantastic efforts of the American Cancer Society and its DetermiNation endurance running program. Watch for the vans with the In Memory Of ribbons floating in the breeze, and the Survivors charging down the course, celebrating yet another birthday.

Click the link to find out how you can help use my 5th year cancer-free to make some amazing contributions to an amazing charity:

This is the Link. Click here.

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