Friday, May 31, 2013

Rag Tag

So you've decided to participate in a Ragnar race... First question: What role do you want to play?

If the answer is "I just want to run it," then Congratulations!! Train well, be honest about your pace, and offer to help the captain if you can.

Here are the requirements to run a Ragnar:
~ be able to run at least 13 miles split into three smaller runs
~ come up with the $$ required (registration + van/gas money)
~ be available for the weekend of the race- including getting to your van and back to your car
~ a headlamp, blinking tail light, and reflective vest for night running

It would be nice if:
~ You had 1-3 friends who could volunteer at the race
~ You had another friend who could drive a van
~ You had another friend who owned a 15-passenger van OR suburban
~ You are creative with team-names or van decorations
~ You are type B enough to tolerate other people's issues

If the answer is "I want to be a team captain," then may God have mercy on your soul. And may your team be solid in their pace. And prompt with their payment. And effusive with their friends so you have enough drivers and volunteers.

Here are the requirements to Captain a team:
~ Collect $2,000. (They only accept one large payment.)
~ Know some people who want to do this with you.
~ Keep track of 11-16 people.
~ Interface with the Race Director about your team pace.
~ Pick a starting time based on team pace.
~ Find  more people to be runners/volunteers/drivers.
~ Be able to run at least 13 miles split into three smaller runs.
~ Be type A enough to keep all this straight.
~ Be type B enough to trust this will all work out ok.

It would be nice if:
~ You could find vans easily.
~ You live near either the start or finish line.
~ One or more of your runners can be a co-captain.
~ You could get team t-shirts cheaply and easily.
~ You have an understanding family who can take care of your pets/children for the weekend.
~ You know how to use Excel spreadsheets.

Other options:
~ Van drivers need to stay calm and put up with a van of runners, also directional skills are a plus.
~ Volunteers pick one location and do general race-helper stuff for 4-6 hours.
~ "Ultra" teams do all of this, just with 6 runners instead of 12. More miles, fewer people. Shenanigans.

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