Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why? Run?

Buckle up. I'm going deep.

People have a lot of reasons why they run...
Maybe you've always run.
Maybe you wanted to try something new.
Maybe you admired a person who was a runner.
Maybe you saw a stranger running and felt a longing to do 'that'.
Maybe there's a dress you want to wear and figured running would help you fit into it.

Maybe you go out for a run because it's the most effective way to shut your brain off.
Maybe it helps you sort out all the thoughts rolling around in there.
Maybe the endorphin rush has become as much of a habit as a morning cup of coffee.

Maybe there's something deeper.
Maybe you're out there to prove something to yourself. You can do this. You can finish that last mile. You can put on that extra bit of kick to hit your goal pace. You can slow down enough to add the distance you look for. You're strong enough. You're tough enough. You're good enough. You are enough.

Maybe it's someone else. There might be someone out there whose face you picture as you put your shoes on. Or when the run gets hard. Someone to who you can't wait to casually mention, "aw, yeah, it was just a 4 mile shake-out run. No big deal." Someone who inspires you because you want to prove something to them. That you aren't who they think you are. Or that you can be who you want to be when you're with that person. Like you're fooling them. But if you're fooling them to the benefit of your own health, then it's ok. Right?

Something is inspiring your run. Does it even matter why you're out there, as long as you are out there?


Melanie said...

I don't think there really is one reason. At least for me it changes. Give yourself more credit. Other people might "help" you run, but you do it for other reasons too. The main reason is because you can and want to run, and that is as good of a reason as any.

Ali K. said...

The reason I run is to create equilibrium in my life...all the other excellent side-effects are just icing on the cake :o)

... said...

Ali, running to create balance... I like it. It's making me think.