Saturday, June 29, 2013

Overheard: For Posterity

Kid: Hey, Dad. Thanks for letting me clean up the cat puke.

For the record- he's only three and a half. We usually scream for him to avoid the cat puke. Actually, thinking about it now, cat puke seems to be one of the constants in that kid's life. The cat is always puking, and we're always yelling for him to NOT STEP IN THE CAT PUKE! And to STAY AWAY FROM THE CAT PUKE!

So this morning it was fun for him to actually help us out and (with supervision) clean up the cat puke. When he thanked Stephan for this indulgence, he wanted me to blog about it so we remember forever the time our kid thanked us for cleaning up cat puke.


Ali K. said...

That's some excellent reverse-psychology you have going on there! haha

Annie Crow said...

I think that's well worth immortalizing. Ours just yells at us to clean it up and then picks up his brother (protesting) to keep him out of the way.