Monday, June 3, 2013

Overheard: Post Run

[guest-authored by Stephan!!]

Me: How was your 10 mile Ragnar training run, honey?

Him: Uh. It kinda sucked. But then, you know, I started thinking about things.

Me: Yeah? Like that you're mad I signed you up for this? And listed your pace 30 seconds faster than it really is?

Him: No. Well, maybe. But no. I started thinking how we're running this thing for DetermiNation. And I thought of how many of my friends and family that cancer has come for.  So, I thought of getting the word out and making all this money for D-nation and turning loose an army of super smart geeks that will end up punching cancer in the eff'in mouth.  I thought, 'Hey cancer, we're coming for you.'

That got me through the last 3.


Ali K. said...

I love when inspiration comes from home :o)

... said...

I love when he substitutes clean words for the ones he really said!