Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Night Blogging

There's nothing new here. I just wanted to let [all 3 of] you know that I'm doing better. I've got my chart back up and running thanks to Stephan agreeing to hold me accountable. It's weird that one small spreadsheet tracking only four data points can change things like, "I have a short temper." But it does. Or maybe it's the accountability. Whatever. It's working again.

And I've picked up my "Water" playlist again. It's the one that heralded the end of therapy that reminds me that Everything'll be Alright. 

Yup. That about sums up my life: spreadsheets and music make my world go around. 


Ali K. said...

It's pretty amazing that simply keeping track of something in writing can help get things back on the right track. Glad you're doing okay!

Annie Crow said...

Oh, seriously.

My mood is so extremely affected by 1) quality/amount of sleep and 2) having at least a wee bit of time to myself in the morning.

And I use music to manage my moods/energy all the time.

Glad you've picked up the tools that will help you again!