Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"... and grapes since these are gross."

So... 12 days may be a new record for my avoidance of anything internet-related. Of course you had plenty to read over and over about Honduras. There were a few more stories in there about my first ride on a 4-wheeler, Stephan's cow-watering duties for three mornings in a row, and how his underwear ended up in the neighbors' front lawn as I tried diligently to put the laundry on the line in 60-mile-per-hour gusting wind.

But, I was quilting. Yes! Me! Quilting! Photos will follow. the quilt was gifted to my new Goddaughter, Lucienne Rose who was born on the Fourth of July (cue Oliver Stone). She's beautiful. Perfect? As Pete, the dad, said, "better than most," and I have to agree.

We safely got to and from Ohio this weekend, photos to follow. We're home now, safely (did I say that already, Mom?). Stephan works the next three days in a row so we can go to a rodeo and watch our friend fight bulls. I've got tons to talk about, but even more laundry than I could imagine.

And if you do stop at the grocery store, you should get grapes, since these are gross.

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