Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Odds and... well just odds

I'm ushering in a new world on our couch right now. It's a world where Stephan is acquainted with social websites. We've established some of his statistics on Facebook, and have started reviewing the lists and lists and lists of available friends for us to make. He's thrilled, and by thrilled I mean sitting there with his head in his hands begging me to go with him to the bar.

Join us! I'm under Anna Koruba on Facebook, and I'd love to be your friend. Stephan uses my account (are you surprised?), so all photos/ information/ communication for both of us go there.

Yes, we can go to the bar now.

After I tell them one more thing. Today we tried to jump right back into triathlon training by swimming/biking/running a half sprint triathlon. 1/4 mile swim, 7.5 mile bike, 1.6 mile run. We didn't make it, and I was not happy by the end. So we went to the grocery store to look for Midol (sorry Mom & Dad). I ran to the pharmaceutical aisle, Stephan to the feminine products aisle which was located between cat food and paper towels. Well, world, I was in the wrong aisle. As Stephan walked toward me I, in my delusional state, said, "you were right."

You'd have thought he won the lottery. He found the first store clerk he could find to announce proudly that, "Larry, you wouldn't believe the words that just came out of my wife's mouth. Are you ready? You're standing up. Get a chair, you might faint. Are you ready? She said, I was right." My girlfriend happened to be standing there and heard this. She turned to me and said, "Wow, you're getting weak huh?".

I guess it's time to Cowgirl up. To the barMr. Slave.

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