Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Plans

We spent the weekend at a rodeo and camping in the tiny town of Ingomar, Montana. It's actually smaller than Plevna, which amazed us. The town has no running water, and only one outhouse per gender. Seriously. No bathrooms. No hotels. No school. One bar, a small shop (don't ask me about the $150 sweater), and a rodeo arena.

My overall impression of the experience was that it was dusty. Very dusty. The first time I got to look in a mirror I noticed there was dirt in all the creases of my body, neck, elbows, eyes. My eyes watered mostly the whole time, tracing clear paths of skin down my dust-covered cheeks. What I saw of the rodeo was really neat. The street-fest afterwards was cool, since we'd camped in the center of town and the live music was fantastic.

The only thing this town is known for is the bar, the Jersey Lilly. It's historic, literally, on the list of Historic Locations in Montana. The food was pretty good, the drinks were cheap, the fights were broken up quickly, and the peanuts were free. The baked beans have been written about in various food journals, and a Google search will give you plenty of information.

I'm hitting a wall trying to write more about it, so you'll just have to check out the photos on Flickr. Me, out.

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