Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Actually, Pretty Good Weather!

I often write about how crappy the weather in SE Montana is- either too hot or freezing, always with ridiculous wind. This week, though, has been gorgeous. it's been in the mid-60's, sunny, breezy (ok, sometimes downright blustery), but wow, beautiful. It's fall here, despite the lack of trees. There are a few places, mostly near streams, where trees grow and the leaves there are all gold and falling. It smells great- just under the trees. Like pockets of fall.

The annual Plevna Volunteer Fire Department Sausage Supper is this weekend, so posting may be spotty depending on how the grinding, stuffing and cutting goes.

I've maxed out my photo limit on Flickr (mostly because I'm cheap and won't pay for a pro account), so I'll try posting photos from last year on the blog. Meanwhile, check out last year's post for tedious photo links.


Anonymous said...

I will pay for your pro account. I WANT PICS OF THE SAUSAGE SUPPER!!!

Don D

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm, love that sausage. It was yummy! Wish we could be there.

love, us.