Friday, October 10, 2008

I Should Get Paid for This pt. 2

In an effort to take the pressure off of Stephan to get all the house winterizing done, I just finished putting up that plastic stuff on the 3 windows in the front room. And, since it was 3:30 am when I started- and, trust me, I firmly believe that NOTHING should start at 3am, just ask these people- I was thinking...

Who invented this stuff? What were the first trial products like? Was it the same people who brought us the Shrinky Dinks? (seriously, that video cracked me up, I love how shrinkable plastic is actually the answer to the anti-family culture perpetuated in the later 2000's). Is this the adult version? Is this what I get for growing up? I've replaced Shrinky Dinks with Energy Efficient Shrink Film, Strawberry Shortcake for the Zone Diet, Spider-man roller-skates for Nike+ cross-trainers, and My Little Pony for roping and riding.

Ok- that last one has not entirely happened yet, but would be TONS of fun if it did!

**Edit- when I posted this an ad popped up asking "Do you have ADHD?" Alright... who told on me??

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