Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Problems with Authority

We left Baker at 8pm, arrived in Browing, MT (about 1 hour East of Glacier National Park) at 5am. We slept in the car (in the hospital parking lot) from 5am-7:30am, then took off for the park. We tooled around the park for a few hours, Stephan took this photo, then we went up to the border.

When I got home and saw the photos from the trip I realized why the Canadians didn't want us in their country. They asked us if we had "access to any funds" beyond the $200 we brought with us. They asked us if we had any weapons, firearms, alcohol, anything we were planning on selling, drugs, or cigarettes. Then they asked us when the last time was that we were in court. And the time before that? Any drunk-driving charges? What was our purpose for visiting Canada? How long would we be staying? Where would we be staying?

After about 45 minutes they let us pass. Looking at this photo, I'm surprised they let us in at all.

And, since Stephan told me specifically not to post this photo, I'm doing it anyway. Good luck buddy.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the photo of the man in the yellow bird-suit.

... said...

The man in the yellow bird suit knows who he is.