Saturday, October 4, 2008

In Case You were Wondering...

1. Yes, we did listen to the VP debate Wednesday night. We heard it in the car on public radio. I had to throw chew-toys at Stephan to keep him from barking while driving. We were both screaming at different times. Stephan was most upset by her use of the word "Maverick" and I just kept wondering how "Drill Baby Drill" was supposed to make anyone comfortable.

2. The white cat has feline Herpes. It's a disease that's not transmittable to humans or dogs, and has infected his right eye so he cries all day. Stephan thinks it's grosser than when the dogs had tapeworms... hmmm... licking your sister's butt or licking strange cats' privates... I think the dogs are the deviants here.

3. Mrs. K. is still doing well, if you see her please feed her.

4. Seriously, if you saw something positive Thursday night that I'm missing, email me, call me, post here, tell me why she shouldn't be seen and not heard.

5. It all just goes to show you that there must be balance in life. I love Montana, but it's filled with gross things (like the huge spider I just killed IN OUR BEDROOM), and I love Chicago, but I hate the traffic, the noise, the crowdedness, the commercialism, the air pollution... I guess that isn't really balanced though.

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