Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Follow Up

No, I certainly didn't take that photo. The snakes we saw were all very small (except the green one, which was medium sized), and I couldn't find a photo of a small enough one that represented what we saw. So, imagine that but smaller. Here's what happened:

A beautiful fall morning, we go for a jog out toward the cemetery. I'm focusing on not dying, so I'm not paying much attention to what's around me. As I glance down I see that I'm about to step on a little snake. So I scream, jump in the air, flail my arms and legs around (to.... what? Distract it? I don't know), and keep walking. Luckily that snake was dead. It was a rattle snake.

A few yards up was a larger green snake splayed across the road, obviously dead. I did make Stephan stand between me and it so I couldn't see it.

Later, while running up a hill I saw another baby snake, this one coiled on the far side of Stephan. I scream again, and run very fast down the road. At this point I want to go home- but that means passing the three snakes again. So we keep running away. Stephan tells me that it's so cold that the snakes are probably frozen (some hooodee ha biology geek speak) and may warm up and move off the road.

So we turn around- he throws rocks at the snakes, which are all dead. Yippie. As we're almost back home (less than 1/4 mile away from the house) again I see a snake just before I'm about to step on it. More screaming. More flailing. Another baby rattler, dead- thank GOD. Stephan pokes at it, fascinated. I'm glad I didn't eat breakfast.

Again, I'm not running outside again until the ground has frozen and those suckers are tucked away for good.

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